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Welcome Taylor Korensky to the Interface Instructor Team

“I want to show people that technology is not intimidating as one might think and how programming can actually be quite fun.” – Taylor Korensky

Taylor Korensky

We are thrilled to welcome Taylor Korensky to the Interface team as our newest instructor!

Taylor recently graduated from UNO with a degree in IT Innovation. He has been a freelancer and has worked in and with Omaha startup businesses for four years while being a full-time student. He is self-taught and has been developing for iOS since iOS 5 was released. Taylor has worked on several applications from initial concept to release. He has integrated dozens of API/SDKs and developed entire systems including databases, websites, and some servers. He has developed 8 mobile applications, including iTrapp, and most of his apps were deployed to the App Store at some point. Taylor has experience managing the development of product concepts from start to finish, working on graphical user interfaces, conducting customer interviews and market research surrounding application ideas, and promoting and selling products. Taylor is a passionate, self-driven individual that thrives in a team of like-minded talented people.

On his excitement to join our instructor team: 

“The first thing that drew me to Interface was the team of unbelievable founders and instructors. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work next to some of the best talent in Omaha. In addition, I am ready to make an impact at Interface, not only in the courses and training programs, but by getting out into the startup community and making a difference. I am excited for the opportunity to share what I have learned over the past four years as a freelancer and student with those looking to develop their technical skills. I believe that I can share what I know in a unique way to help increase retention and hopefully inspire students to begin working on their own projects outside of class time. I want to inspire people to realize that they do not have to wait to be great! The final thing I am excited for about Interface is the sense of support surrounding learning new skills. Although I have learned a lot in the last few years, I am very excited about the possibility of learning new skills while working with Interface to further advance my own career.”

On the future of mobile development:

“I am passionate about changing the way people use and interact with their mobile devices. I want to change the way people think about artificial intelligence and machine learning, and push the future platforms toward advanced augmented reality. I want to be at the cutting edge of mobile devices and experiences and the only way to do that is to think beyond what is currently possible. I also have a strong desire to lower the cost of mobile development by creating processes that increase efficiency so that savings are directly passed on to each customer.”

On his desire to impact the community:

“I would love to be able to make an impact on the community in multiple ways. First, I want to show people that with a little hard work and dedication you can build that app idea that you have always talked about. I want to show people that technology is not intimidating as one might think and how programming can actually be quite fun. I want to inspire others to pursue their ideas and follow where their heart is taking them, as it is not necessary in today’s world to take the first job they find. I want to show others that being an entrepreneur is doable and something that anyone can attain if they work hard and stay focused. Finally, I want to provide people with a hands-on and real-world approach to technology training. I will be able to teach these concepts in a much more efficient way than traditional education, due to a focus on developing real-world applications from the beginning. I have a lot of hope for the technology community in Omaha and I can not wait to be part of that exciting growth over the next few years.”

Taylor is bringing many skills to our iOS course, including:

  • iOS development with Objective C
  • advanced understanding of Xcode
  • proficiency in UI/UX concepts
  • understanding of mobile application store distribution
  • sales experience
  • client/project management
  • financial management and planning

Welcome Taylor to the Interface team!