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Welcome Karen Sullivan to the Interface Team!

We are excited to welcome Karen Sullivan to the Interface team!

Karen Sullivan

Karen has been interested in programming ever since she had to develop a bird call program in her college zoology class. Since then, she has received a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems from Bellevue University. She has worked in many different parts of the tech industry, holding positions in helpdesk, tech support, system administration, site administration, software development, hardware support, and web design, most recently at Yahoo. She also worked as an IT contractor at OPPD’s Fort Calhoun facility.

Karen learned about opportunities to work at Interface through Heartland Workforce Solutions, a nonprofit that helps job seekers find rewarding careers in the Omaha area. She is also a CONNECT Grant recipient, a federally funded grant program aiming to provide Nebraska’s unemployed and underemployed workforce with training, funding and support to reenter the workforce in the IT field to help fill Nebraska’s growing demand for IT professionals. You can learn more about the program and eligibility requirements here.

Karen brings many skills to the Interface team, including many years or experience working with people and working in many sides of the tech industry. She is an excellent project manager and will be the liaison between students, alumni, and the many resources in the tech community.

Karen is a career transitioner and she is excited to use her position at Interface to give back to the community and help others grow personally and professionally into fulfilling IT careers through our courses.

As our Student and Alumni Engagement manager, Karen will be the go-to contact for students and graduates. She will be responsible for reaching out to graduates, connecting students and graduates with resources for mentoring and job placement, and helping potential CONNECT Grant recipients apply for the program.

Outside of work, Karen enjoys music, sewing, gardening, nature, and being involved in Omaha’s music scene.

Welcome to the team, Karen!