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Web Development Opportunities for Rural Nebraska with BCom Solutions and Interface Web School


BCom Solutions and Interface Web School introduced JumpstartLabs––a collaboration between BCom Solutions and Interface Web School to bring web development opportunities to rural and remote communities throughout the state.
JumpstartLabs is an employment program designed for CONNECT grant recipients.

CONNECT, a federally funded grant program managed by the Nebraska Department of Labor, was created to provide Nebraska’s unemployed and underemployed population with the training, funding and support necessary to reenter the IT workforce.
BCom and Interface have united to offer the education, skill-sets and experience participants need to begin their new web development careers. JumpstartLabs will combine the Interface educational experience with on-the-job training provided by a BCom Solutions paid web development internship.

Interface Web School offers a part-time web developer training boot camp established to train future tech professionals. Interface hires talented and dedicated web developers to facilitate the training courses with an emphasis on the student course experience and learning outcomes.

“JumpstartLabs is the next step in the important story BCom Solutions has been sharing for the past several years: bringing 21st century careers and technology to rural areas throughout the state,” said Brent Comstock, CEO and founder of BCom Solutions.

To participate in the program, applicants must have been approved for the CONNECT grant from the state of Nebraska. To find out if you qualify for the CONNECT grant program, please visit the eligibility page on the following website After receiving confirmation, grant recipients should visit the JumpstartLabs website to apply:

Those accepted into the program will complete coursework remotely from Interface Web School during one half of the day and will spend the rest of the working day in an internship/apprenticeship program with BCom Solutions. The program will be based out of BCom Solutions’ Lincoln office, located in the Nonprofit Hub.