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2016 Year in Review

Interface Web School has had an amazing year! Check out our infographic below to find some cool stats and incredible milestones.

Welcome Megan Christiansen as Our New Java Mentor!

“I have a great desire to bring my love of problem-solving and creating through code to others, and I love spreading this knowledge in any way I can in the Omaha community.” – Megan Christiansen We are excited to announce that Megan Christiansen is joining us as a mentor for our Java course! Read whatContinue Reading

Interface Helped Naomi See Become a Force in the Omaha Developer Community

In the spring of 2015 Naomi See was working on her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. She already held an Associate’s degree in web design and was working full-time in telecommunications, but she enrolled in the Full Stack Development – Java course at Interface. She felt she needed something that wasn’t offered in aContinue Reading

From Aerospace Engineer to Web Developer, Meet Christine Woodruff

“Ultimately, I think one of the most important things I got out of this course was the confidence to try.” – Christine Woodruff I spent 12 years working as an Aerospace Engineer.  While some may think that position sounds glamorous, it just never felt like the right fit for me; I felt uninspired and readyContinue Reading

First National Marketing Manager Becomes a Programmer

“Evolving technology can be disruptive to business and it is critical for employees to update their skills.” – Josh McNeal After 13 years with First National Bank Josh McNeal was ready for a career change. He didn’t want to leave the bank because as he put it, First National treats its employees well. “I was lookingContinue Reading

First National and Interface Web School Partner to Meet the Growing Need for Tech Talent

by Katrina Markel Thanks to a partnership between First National Bank and Interface Web School, Courtney Rudnicki was able to launch an entirely new career without switching companies. Courtney’s new title at First National Bank is Analyst II, Requirements and Design. She says the role is also known as Business Analyst for the Customer Experience SolutionsContinue Reading

My beautiful mind – Week 5 Java blog

by Keisha Holloway “If you’re able to find in every situation in your life the bad aspects and the good aspects, then you will be able to break through all your fears and follow the guidance of your heart. Focus on the good aspects. That’s your way.” -Ruediger Schache I’m not your typical soon toContinue Reading

4th Dimensional Thinking & the Mind Palace – Week 1 Java Blog

The following post is from Spring 2016 Java Developer Course student, Kevin. Stay tuned for more blog posts regarding his experience in the course. Thank you Kevin for taking time to share your experience with us. The Six Stages of Debugging I’m jumping into java with very little experience. I’ve been a musician both performing andContinue Reading

So you think you can (or can’t!) code? Come to our open house August 3rd!

It’s no secret the tech industry is booming. There’s serious money to be made and fun to be had working for some of your favorite digital companies like Google, Facebook, and companies others right here in Nebraska like Flywheel, Hudl, and Elevate. Now that we’ve got your attention, we get what you’re thinking, “Yeah, butContinue Reading

Which course is for me?

With  many great options to learn how to code with Interface Web School this spring, you may wonder which course is best for you. Details about the types of opportunities available based on the language you choose learn follows. Hybrid Front-End Web Design + Web Development: Learn the skills to create beautiful, interactive websites. The skillsContinue Reading