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Exclusive Scholarships and Financial Support at AIM Interface School

At AIM Interface School, we believe in empowering the Greater Omaha workforce through convenient and affordable tech education. To provide greater opportunity, we’ve partnered with community builders to offer a variety of financial support opportunities for our students, so you can focus on your education, instead of how to pay for it.


Building the pipeline of tech talent in our community is at the forefront of AIM Interface School’s mission. To help members of our community take advantage of our training, we’ve partnered with the following groups to offer $500 off AIM Interface School courses:

  • Nonprofits: Employees of a 501(c)(3) receive $500 off their tuition for Foundations or Specialization courses.
  • AIGA Members: AIGA members receive $500 off their tuition for Foundations of Web Development and/or WordPress Specialization courses.
  • Startup Collaborative Members: Employees of a Startup Collaborative company receive $500 off their tuition for Foundations or Specialization courses.
  • Employers: Employers interested in sending multiple employees through AIM Interface School courses for upskilling and/or retraining can pay the full tuition for the first student and get $500 off each additional student that is enrolled in the same session. This group discount works across multiple courses within the same calendar session.


AIM Interface School values the importance of tech education, no matter how you are gaining your skills. For this reason, we’re proud to partner with educators to offer financial support to students currently enrolled at the following universities:

  • Creighton University: Students currently enrolled in any program at Creighton University receive $500 off any Foundations or Specialization course.
  • Bellevue University: Students currently enrolled in any program at Bellevue University receive $500 off their tuition for Foundations or Specialization courses. Select AIM Interface School courses also count as transfer credit toward a computer science degree at Bellevue University. Consult a Bellevue University admissions counselor for details.


At AIM Interface School, we know the value of connections. That’s why we’re working to offer even more financial support for businesses, beginners and former students.

  • Workshop Discount: Students who have taken a 14-Hour Introductory Workshop receive $250 off their tuition for any Foundations or Specialization course.
  • Foundations Discount: Students who have taken a Foundations course get a $500 discount off Specialization courses so you can continue building your skill set.
  • Team Discount for Employers: Employers interested in sending more than one employee to AIM Interface School for upskilling or retraining can pay full price for the first employee and receive $500 off the tuition for each additional employee enrolled within the same calendar term.


AIM Interface School has partnered with Appsky Labs to offer a $1,000 Appsky Labs Scholarship Award for one student enrolling in the August 2017 Foundations of Web Development course. You can learn more and apply for this scholarship here.

Grant Opportunities

AIM Interface School works closely with two partner organizations to provide financial assistance to many students.

The CONNECT Grant is available through the Nebraska Department of Labor and covers all tuition costs and some associated support services for people who are pursuing education in a technology field and meet some of the following criteria: 

  • Are 18 years or older, and
  • Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and
  • Have been unemployed for 6+ months (27 consecutive weeks), or
  • Are an unemployed veteran, or
  • Are underemployed due to the Great Economic Recession (you have not been able to find stable work or a position which matches your skill level and/or salary from before the Recession).

Please contact us or reach out directly to the grant office if any of those statements apply to you.

Heartland Workforce Solutions is a workforce development agency who can provide tuition coverage for students that meet some of the following criteria:

  • were laid off from employment, or
  • have a significant barrier to employment, or
  • are a military spouse who quit their job due to a change of station, or
  • are identified as low income (as defined by the following requirements):
    • Family Size: 1, Income Max: $11,670
    • Family Size: 2, Income Max: $15,730
    • Family Size: 3, Income Max: $20,821
    • Family Size: 4, Income Max: $25,704
    • Family Size: 5, Income Max: $30,332
    • Family Size: 6, Income Max: $35,479
      • For families larger than six, add $5,147 per each additional person
  • are ages 14-24, out of school, or are in school within 18 months of graduation.

Please contact us if these statements apply to you.

Payment Options

We know our students come from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, and we are committed to offering flexibility for all. That’s why we offer payment options.

  • Monthly Payments: Pay off your Interface course over several months. Our standard payment plan requires only 50% of tuition upfront before the class starts, with the remaining balance split over five automatic monthly payments.
  • Paid-in-full Savings: Save 5% when you pay your tuition in full before your course starts.

No matter which course you’re interested in, we have financial support options to help you focus on what you’re learning, rather than how to pay for it. Reach out to us at any time if you need help finding the right financial support or picking the classes that match your career goals.

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