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Authorized and Regulated…


People often ask me what it means to be ‘authorized and regulated by Nebraska’s Commissioner of Education’. I have answered this question via email and in person, but want to share this information with you.

We’ve read articles about the pressure and scrutiny faced by schools similar to ours and decided to take self-directed measures to comply with requirements defined by Nebraska’s Department of Education (NE DOE).  This is where the Post Secondary Career Schools (PPCS) approval process comes in. 

Our program fits the NE DOE PPCS requirements as defined here. Benefits of compliance include, but are not limited to:

  • Clear consumer protection and operating guidelines
  • Opportunity after a defined period of operation to apply to become eligible for veterans to use the GI Bill toward Interface course/workshop tuition

Due to the support of NE DOE’s PPCS department, our students have already realized the benefits of compliance. We look forward to continuing to offer valuable content to our students.