Interface’s instructors are carefully selected experts in their field that share a passion for education as adjunct faculty.

Doug Durham
Software Development

Doug Durham is the co-founder of Nebraska Global and Don't Panic Labs. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from UNL and has 28 years of experience in systems and software engineering. He is a native Nebraskan, a retired member of the Air National Guard, and an adjunct faculty member at UNL's Raikes School of Computer Science and Management. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids.  

Rachel Fox
Web Development

Rachel comes to Interface Web School with extensive experience in web development, technical training and project management. She has worked with clients on brand and marketing strategies, including website development and social media presence. She currently owns and operates her own consulting firm, Catapult Consulting Solutions. Rachel started working as an insurance agent at the age of 18 and has been in the corporate technology setting ever since. She’s been involved in sales, marketing, customer relations, technical support, training, coaching, mentoring, project management, coding, building and designing e-learning and training courses, and more. Rachel studied MIS and graphic design at UNO.

Amber Knecht
Web Development

Amber Knecht is a Client Success Manager at Quantum Workplace where she helps clients make work awesome every day. Her passion for all things web led her to Interface where she completed front-end web development training. Prior to Quantum, Amber was a digital project manager for a local ad agency and spent 11 years in the group insurance industry. Outside of the technical realm, Amber bakes a mean cupcake and chases around her two daughters.

Taylor Korensky
Mobile Development

Taylor Korensky is the Founder/CEO of Appsky Labs, a local startup for client software, design, and branding solutions. He specializes in iOS development and has been a freelancer for over four years prior to creating Appsky Labs.   In May 2016, Taylor graduated UNO with a Bachelors of Science in IT Innovation with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Mobile Development. At Interface School, Taylor teaches Foundations of Mobile Development in hopes of inspiring the next generation of mobile developers. He also leads workshops at the AIM Brain Exchange covering IOS Development, Ionic Development, and WordPress. He has a passion for everything tech, and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and friends.

Chad Michel
Software Development

Chad Michel is a software architect at Don't Panic Labs and Beehive Industries. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  

Veronica Oleson
Web Development

Veronica Oleson is the founder of Oleson Creative, a media company the focuses on magically creative web design and development.  She graduated from UNO with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration in the summer of 2016.   Veronica has a passion for creating, teaching, tech, processes and start-ups.  She completed web developer training with Interface in 2016, and maintains the website for Omaha Bridges Out of Poverty. In her time off from work, she loves spending time with her family, helping others and traveling around the world, visiting a couple of new countries every year.

Joel C. Rainear-Wills
Application Development

Joel C. Rainear-Wills arrived in Omaha 11 years ago as an Airborne Cryptologic Operator for the USAF. In 2009, he separated and decided to attend UNO, where he completed a bachelor's degree in General Administration. After graduation, he became a mutual fund accountant for North Star Financial Services. It was there that he discovered his love for software development, which grew out of a desire to create modest solutions for mitigating inefficiency and error in daily accounting processes. Joel then earned an associate's degree in MIS from Metropolitan Community College, and landed a position at Farm Credit Services of America as an application developer. Joel strongly believes that those achieving some form success in anything must find and seize the opportunity to help others achieve success as well.

Cameron Ramaekers
Web Development

Cameron Ramaekers is a web developer and designer who has been running his own company, Open Caret, since 2015. He works with many advertising and digital agencies in the greater Omaha area crafting and maintaining custom websites. Prior to starting his own business, Cameron worked as an Interactive Developer for Swanson Russell, Nebraska’s largest marketing agency. He has a degree in Interactive Digital Media from Northwest Missouri State University. When not buried in code or layers deep in Photoshop, he enjoys traveling with family and friends, spending time outdoors and taking on DIY home and garage projects.

Nick Weddleton
Web Development

Nicholas Weddleton started learning to code at a young age to program his own video games and then create simple robots. After coding most of his life, he went to college for Computer Science and ended up getting hired before finishing his degree. He now is a Software Engineer, and Midwest technical lead, at a company out of Silicon Valley, CA called Glint. He loves teaching others and finds every opportunity to help developers, both new and experienced, learn new skills and technologies. During his spare time, Nicholas enjoys singing, kayaking, playing squash, learning the latest new coding languages, and online gaming.

Lana Yager
Web Development

After more than 20 years in the IT field, Lana Yager became a Nebraska Certified teacher, teaching English as a Second Language and Computer Science.  Lana was awarded as the AIM for Brilliance Tech Educator for 2015 and won the Teacher of the Year for the National Center for Women in IT Aspirations in Computing for Nebraska/SW Iowa for 2017.  After retiring this year from teaching at Omaha South High School, Lana is continuing her passion to introduce people of all ages to technology throughout the Omaha community. Seeing someone smile after trying something completely new or challenging is one of her greatest joys!

Steve Chikwaya
Web Development

Steve Chikwaya is a Lead Software Developer at Gallup Inc. and has 10+ years experience developing web applications of various types.  He currently leads the front-end web engineering team for Gallup's reporting platform.  During his spare time, Steve enjoys contributing to various open source initiatives.

Josh Collinsworth
Web Development

Josh Collinsworth is a Happiness Engineer at Flywheel, where he spends his days being a hero to those in WordPress distress by offering support, creating help documentation and developing training materials. By night, Josh is a freelance graphic designer and WordPress developer.

Brent Comstock
Digital Marketing

Brent Comstock is the CEO of BCom Solutions, an action-oriented digital marketing agency providing results-driven solutions to campaign, causes, and advocacy issues. Under Brent's leadership, the company has received a variety of awards for their digital work at the local, state, and national levels. Brent is actively involved in the startup community by serving on several advisory boards and has a dual degree from UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University.

Preston Badeer
Web Development

Preston Badeer has experience in individual and team-based environments (remotely and on-site) on websites and web applications with user bases varying from 300 to over 3,000,000. Coming from a marketing background, he's used to "wearing multiple hats." Such as social media marketing, SEO, user experience, back-end and front-end development, and mobile and tablet product roadmaps and strategies. Preston's specialty lies in being the liaison between developers, designers, and upper management.

Kent Smotherman
Web Development

Kent Smotherman taught his first lecture class for computer programming in 1980 at Kansas State University, at the age of 19. Since then, he has learned and programmed in over 2 dozen programming languages. Web development using Java is his favorite, however. "Web development is just so accessible - you can do it from your couch. Combine that with the flexibility offered by Java, and you have an environment where the sky is the limit. It doesn't matter what you know now, it only matters what you are capable of learning. And with the right attitude, a little hard work, and a good instructor - anyone can learn web development."


Interface’s founders are joined by some of the Midwest’s smartest technology leaders. The following advisors help steer and influence the curriculum, shape the program overall and connect Interface alumni with their networks:

Kevin Ortman

CSG International: Principal System Architect

Albert Varas

Latino Center of the Midlands: Executive Director

Michelle Wingard

Dynamo: Co-Founder and VP of Business Development

Jess Collicott

Deliveron Consulting Services: Solution Consultant

Ginny Martin

Dev Bootcamp Grad, former Executive with National Research Company and Nebraska Global

Jeff Spiehs

Metropolitan Area Planning Agency: Community Relations Manager

Dusty Davidson

Flywheel: Co-Founder and CEO

Keith Station

Heartland Workforce Solutions: Director of Business Relations

Brent Comstock

Brent Comstock is the CEO of BCom Solutions, an action-oriented digital marketing agency providing results-driven solutions to campaign, causes, and advocacy issues. Under Brent's leadership, the company has received a variety of awards for their digital work at the local, state, and national levels. Brent is actively involved in the startup community by serving on several advisory boards and has a dual degree from UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University.

Nancy Williams

No More Empty Pots: CEO and Co-Founder