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My beautiful mind – Week 5 Java blog

by Keisha Holloway


“If you’re able to find in every situation in your life the bad aspects and the good aspects, then you will be able to break through all your fears and follow the guidance of your heart. Focus on the good aspects. That’s your way.” -Ruediger Schache

I’m not your typical soon to be web developer; or maybe I am. I have over 10 years of work experience in the Tech World at successful, reputable companies that would be considered a leader in the game. In life, I get overwhelmed at times (just like everyone else), and I thought I had way too much on my plate prior to committing to the intimidating Java Developer Training course that began in January. But I realize learning to code is going to open doors for me that my Bachelor and Master degrees in business have not. In college, I ran from everything math and science related. It’s not my fortay. I live to socialize, build meaningful relationships, and collaborate with others to achieve goals. I have robust people skills, and I recognize how important that characteristic is in business. But that’s also the case in web development, or anything for that matter.

It’s my 5th week into the class, and I have been blown away by how diverse the personalities have been in this industry. Yes, it’s dominated by men, and I’m one of two women in my class of ten. But ALL the people are dope! Chemistry in relationships is important to create strong bonds. Musical backgrounds, web design, and even the medical field make up the class I’m currently a part of. We are from all walks of life, which is refreshing for me. I thrive off of interaction with other people, and I did not anticipate having any exciting conversations in class honestly. In the past, my experience with engineers, programmers, and web developers have been bleak and the majority carried themselves as highly introverted individuals. And that’s okay, but committed introverts tend to prefer privacy and independence, not chatting about the ins and outs of life unless a relationship has been developed over time.

Fast forward to the present, and my experience with the other students has been the opposite of my past encounters. Interactions filled with laughter, love, respect, and frustrations about debugging. I can’t complain, it’s been really inspiring so far. And we have no problem putting our resources together to figure out the weekly homework in an effort to keep ourselves accountable. We are learning Java, and plenty of other languages that had me second guessing my decision to take this course during the first couple of weeks of class.


“It’s beauty in the struggle.” -J. Cole

Nothing worth having comes easy. A concept I recite daily. I remind myself of this as I continue to pursue mastering the art of coding. You see, the longer I’m in this course, the more I realize it takes passion to learn to be successful in this industry. The persistent desire to execute code that works magically on the world wide web. And it’s addicting and empowering…My second week in the Java Developer training course, I stayed up all night on a Monday, watching the clock as I debugged my homework. Tweaking HTML and CSS lines of code until it worked correctly! And when I figured it out, I relished in my success with tired eyes and sweaty arm pits. There’s something really rewarding about coding that I have not experienced in any other field. And when I am stuck, figuring out how to debug with my class mates and instructor build our relationships up, and brings us closer together to step up to the challenge.


I’ve got about 10 weeks left in this course. I can already feel a transformation taking place in my brain. No regrets so far, and I anticipate learning new logic and concepts in class every week. This is a process, a learning curve that each of us students is traveling at our own pace. I’m just trusting the journey and holding myself accountable along the way. Maintaining a positive perspective is key. This career goal has been no different from any other aspiration in my life that I have chased. Hard work and dedication are imperative, and a strong passion to learn. I’m excited to see where this course takes me. All roads lead to success. Wish me luck!

Keisha Holloway, MOL
*Future Dope Web Developer