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Welcome Michelle Wingard to the Interface Advisory Board

“The future is now and we all have to do our part to help shape it.” – Michelle Wingard

The Interface Web School team is excited to welcome Michelle Wingard, co-founder of Dynamo, to the Advisory Board!

Michelle Wingard

Michelle spent 10 years working at a global Fortune 500 IT consulting firm before she chose to walk away from it all, step outside her comfort zone, and help build an innovative organization focused on learning and helping people. She now works alongside the best, most talented, diverse, game-changing team, strategic partners, companies, consultants, and candidates in the industry as the co-founder of Dynamo, which was started in 2014.

Interface’s managing director, Shonna Dorsey, approached Michelle recently about being on our advisory board, and Michelle had this to say: “I felt honored for an opportunity to collaborate with a very smart group of innovative leaders working to help solve a real world skill-gap shortage impacting all communities and industries across the globe. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Shonna for over two years now and in learning more about what Interface has done in regards to not just educating, but being an advocate for furthering the awareness of technology throughout the community, it made this a very easy decision.”

Michelle believes that “as leaders, we have to do more to help provide the environments necessary for everyone to learn, grow and experiment with a rapidly changing skillset to not only stay relevant, but to thrive in a fast-paced world where the rate of failure has never been greater. From the novel ways in which we educate, to the data being used for predictive modeling and analytics, to information security, cloud computing, and the ever-growing gig economy, technology has truly stepped into all facets of our community and this has never been a more exciting time to do what we have always done and leap forward.”

Finally, on what she sees as the future of Interface Web School and the Omaha tech community: “The future is now and we all have to do our part to help shape it.”