AIM Code School


A Letter to Fall 2014 Interface Students

image (2)Interface Students of Fall 2014,

I wanted to congratulate you all on what you have just accomplished. Although I could only stay for a few presentations, I was thoroughly impressed with what you have created. Being a student in IT, I understand the technicality and difficulties that come with the projects you tackled.

I completely understand the tediousness of building relationships in databases. I was on your page when you mentioned how adding a client into the picture complicates things immensely. Sometimes code works and sometimes it doesn’t- most of the time we’re not quite sure how on either end!

Overall, I was very impressed with all of the work you have put into this program. You all are pieces to the success of Interface. Your success allows us to keep doing what we are doing. Your success is also a reminder for us to keep doing what we are doing.

Please, if you ever need anything- feel free to reach out to me. Also, please share you experiences and your growth with everyone around you. You all have so much to be proud of. I cannot wait to see what your future holds. Best of luck- and remember: go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.


Best wishes,