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Interface Web School + Grid Content Co. Join Forces

Today is a big day in Omaha design and code!

We are very excited to announce that Interface Web School and Grid Content Co. will partner to lead the Spring 2015 Design and Development Hybrid Course starting March 2.

Shonna Dorsey recruited Grid’s own Todd Cramer to instruct the web design portion of Interface Web School’s new hybrid course aimed at integrating design and code learning for enhanced collaboration and execution.

Todd has served on AIGA Nebraska‘s board of directors for the past two years as director of communication and interim president.

This partnership helps align AIGA Nebraska’s servant leadership in the Nebraska community with a goal of bringing designers and developers together to create an on-going designer–developer dialogue.

Calling All Future Designers + Developers

The Design and Development Hybrid Course is an 11-week program that combines design and user experience with in-depth front-end development. It consists of four weeks focused on web design strategy, followed by seven weeks of JavaScript Frameworks, AJAX, API integration and more.

This course will also feature guest lectures from area design and development leaders.

Breaking New Ground

Introducing a learning track that brings design and code together is a new approach to web design and development education.

Design and code have often been separated functionally in both educational and professional environments.

Proactively giving students insight into how design and code work together in real-world scenarios will prepare them to execute collaboratively, as well as be informed and empatheticenough to make decisions together across the two related disciplines.

Interface School’s avant-garde course helps integrate strategic business, design and code collaboration to prepare students for professional success by leading them toward the future of how creative teams work together.

Apply for Interface School’s Design + Development Hybrid Course

Whether you’re looking to freelance, join a startup, small business or large corporation, this course will give you the flexible skills to add value wherever your career takes you.

Course applications open soon. Join the mailing list for announcements related to the Design and Development Hybrid Course starting March 2, 2015!