AIM Code School


Financial Assistance Available


Interface Web School is excited to announce that program applicants have a new opportunity to apply for financial assistance to offset the cost of course tuition. Through a Heartland Workforce Solutions program, eligible applicants may qualify for the following amounts:

  • Adult over 21: up to $3,500
  • Youth (18-21): up to $4,000

Some of the qualifications for the adult program follow. Please contact Heartland Workforce Solutions at 402-934-2231 if you’d like to participate as each candidate’s situation is assessed on a case by case basis.

  • Authorized to work in the United States AND
    • Laid off from employment OR
    • Have a significant barrier to employment OR
    • Be a military spouse who quit their job due to a change of station OR
    • Identified as low income
      • Income Guidelines
        • Family Size: 1, Omaha Income Max: $11,670
        • Family Size: 2, Omaha Income Max: $15,730
        • Family Size: 3, Omaha Income Max: $20,821
        • Family Size: 4, Omaha Income Max: $25,704
        • Family Size: 5, Omaha Income Max: $30,332
        • Family Size: 6, Omaha Income Max: $35,479
      • For families larger than six, add $5,147 per each additional person

We are excited to continue to partner with organizations in our community. Please send an email to with any questions. Once you are ready to apply for assistance, please call Holly with Goodwill Industries at 402-934-2231 to begin the application process.