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How I Landed a Job as a Senior Android Engineer

Everyone has that one app idea in the back of their head, and it’s becoming (or may have already become) the norm to use smart phone apps on a daily basis for everyday living and entertainment from email to food delivery and many services in between. You may even be reading this blog post from a mobile app. If you use a smart phone, could you now do without one? Probably not… So you know demand is there.
markMy name is Mark Corrado and I have been professionally developing apps in Omaha in one form or another since 2012. I’ve had many great mentors over the years (who have taught me much along the way) and also have worked with senior engineers who weren’t as great or interested in cross training while on the job.

Meeting all of these really intelligent people, but with varying skill sets substantially helped me to realize what kind of a developer I wanted to be. I wanted to not just be great at developing mobile apps, but also be a mentor and help others to learn the skills required to succeed in whatever they are attempting to accomplish at the time.

I started by just giving simple lightning talks at the Omaha Mobile meetup, then moved onto giving a presentation at Nebraska.Code, and finally starting the Omaha Android meetup (now called the Google Developer GroupOmaha) where I presented monthly regarding many different pieces of creating Android apps.

The next step in my journey is teaching Android Developer workshops and courses at Interface!

Throughout my years as a developer, I’ve developed for iOS, mobile web, Android, and dabbled in some backend services that these devices would depend on. Using these technologies, I have had several exciting opportunities like helping farmers manage their irrigation equipment remotely, assisting people in creating a car insurance claim from their phone, advising on how to play a simple game, sharing the experience of enjoying a sporting event, and more.

My consulting background gave me the advantage to work project to project in many different industries and learn tons along the way doing project based work, but with consulting comes a significant drawback though. As a consultant, you don’t get the pride of ownership of the product you are building which leads us to today. 

I will be teaching Introduction to Mobile App Development for Android February 8, 2015. Android is the world’s most popular operating system for phones and tablets. The course runs for 2 weeks (February 8, 2015 – February 18, 2015). You will leave with a basic understanding of how Android applications work and the steps to diving deeper into Android applications.

And one more thing, speaking engagements have not only given me the opportunity to meet and teach many people who are interested in mobile app development, but it also helped me land the job I have in Silicon Valley as a Senior Android Engineer! When I flew out for my interview, my interviewer told me he watched all of my talks that ended up on YouTube, which was really awesome!IMG_20160102_165508

We are actively working on a TOP SECRET project that will solve a unique problem to make people’s lives easier. With the help of Interface School, I am passionate about helping people learn mobile app development so they can continue to build something they can be proud of just as I have at Silicon Valley, the Omaha technology community, the Omaha Android meetup, and Nebraska.Code().

Ready to learn a new skill with hands-on classroom instruction that you can use to further your personal endeavors or make yourself more marketable to your current or prospective employer?

Let’s get your idea onto your phone and into the hands of everyone!!

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