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Data Science Course Application

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Data Science Training with Interface School in partnership with Contemporary Analysis.  

Classes meet in Suite 210 at 1905 Harney St. in Omaha, NE from 5:30-9pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

 If you are looking for a career in Data Science, you need take all of the classes in one of the below listed cohorts. However, individual classes may be taken based on interest instead.

  • Introduction to Data Science: 4 weeks | $3,500

  • Data Manipulation and Management: 4 weeks | $3,500
  • Data Visualization using Tableau: 4 weeks | $3,500
  • Basic Model Building: 4 weeks | $3,500
  • Mathematics of Model Evaluation: 4 weeks | $3,500
  • Python and Advanced Data Modeling: 4 weeks | $3,500

This application takes 5-10 minutes to complete and includes questions regarding your education and background. Seeking placement after Interface? Please have a resume handy to upload to the the form before you begin.

Once you complete the application, you will receive an email to complete an assessment. Following the assessment, you will be notified of an acceptance decision within 5 business days.

Questions? Please email us at hello@interfaceschool.com.

    Cohort 6
    Cohort 7
    Pssst...... We have a limited time discount available to the next two students who apply.If you take our Cohort 7 Data Manipulation & Tableau courses together, you receive a $1000 discount on Tableau.
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    How did you hear about us?
    At which meetup did you hear about us?
    AIM Employee Name

    The National Career Readiness test is advised for most Interface classes. If you've taken it, enter your certificate ID below, OR you can just take a picture of your printout and upload it as well. If you haven't taken the NCRC, here is some info on getting that scheduled.

    NCRC Certificate ID#

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    NCRC Scores
    Locating Information
    Applied Mathematics
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    You are currently
    Have you programmed before?
    Tells us more about your programming experience.
    Hobbies? Adventures? Interests? Tell us what makes you uniquely you. Share whatever you'd like.
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    Will your employer be paying all or a portion of the tuition for this course?
    What is the name of the employer and what portion of your tuition will they be paying for?
    Are you interested in learning about financial assistance including payment plans available to students?
    Are you a Heartland Workforce Solutions client?
    Are you interested in job placement assistance following training with Interface?

    Please upload a copy of your resume. In addition to your employment history, please include any extracurricular activities, community service activities and talents/awards as applicable.

    Student Status
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    The following questions are voluntary and will be used for reporting purposes.

    Acknowledge and Submit

    I understand and agree to these terms. I decline and withdraw my application. 

    As a student of Interface, we will provide you with resources including access to mentors in order for you to be successful and have a great experience. Our expectations of you are you commitment and dedication to this course. Please review the terms below.
    As a student of Interface Web School, I agree to the following:
    - I will attend all classes unless a medical condition or emergency situation prevents me from doing so. - I will commit to working outside of class on homework and projects as required to get the most out the experience. - I will try to have fun while learning new and marketable skills!

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