Evidence Based Innovation

Evidence Based Innovation teaches the concept of making data driven decisions to solve problems and manage risk mitigation. This practice is beneficial for a variety of cases including:

  • Internal Processes (HR/turnover rate, communication roadblocks, unsuccessful marketing efforts, etc.)
  • Product Development (implementing automation, website/mobile app launch)
  • Test Market (Invention, Start-up, Business expansion)

This course is all about learning to  make data driven decisions, and validate their ideas before you invest too much time and effort. This is a tremendous value to companies of all sizes – startups to enterprises.

It’s a process that changes the way you research, learn, listen, and present.  It requires you to go out and engage with actual people and collect involved data.  That provides you with richer results, strengthens relationships, and even starts building your client base.

The Class Structure/Layout

Class runs 10 weeks, Tuesday/Thursday. During the course of the class teams will learn techniques from the instructors, as well as go out and implement what they’ve learned, collecting interviews and data. At the end of the class, teams will “pitch” their ideas to a panel of judges who will challenge whether you’ve successfully collected enough data and in fact solved your problem.


Class price varies based on team size and number of total teams. Please contact us for specific details.

Participant Profile:
Applications are open to all professional levels including developers, executive teams, start-ups, and large enterprise teams. Bring your own laptop, should be any model made within the last 3 years.

Cost: Varies Type: Course

Course Offerings

Duration:10 weeksSchedule:Tue/Thu 5:30pm - 8:30pm