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Student Story: CFA + Opportunity Seeker: Christine Knezevic

We would like to introduce you to one of our students, Christine Knezevic. Christine is participating in the 10 week web developer training program hosted by First National Bank.

ChristineKnezevicPortrait (1)

 Why did you join Interface School?

“I wanted to update my technology skills.”

What have been the most inspiring and challenging aspects of the 10 week program?

“The most challenging aspect has been the amount of concepts to learn and keeping them straight from one programming language to the next. The most inspiring is the fact that even with our limited knowledge we are doing some really cool things.”

What have you learned about yourself so far during the 10 week program?

“I am enjoying the development process as you have a sense of frustration while attempting to make your code do anything of significance and then a sense of great accomplishment when you finally get it to do what you actually wanted it to do in the first place.”

What are your career aspirations?

“I am currently open to all opportunities as from day to day I think of different uses for everything I’m learning like Project Management, Developer, Quantitative Financial Developer, Research Analyst in Venture Capital, Technology Equity Analyst and the list goes on and on.”

What is a hobby or talent of yours others may not know about?

“I am excellent at herding our six cats!”