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Highlander grad says coding class helped provide focus for her future

(Photo: Rosharra Owens at Iowa Western Community College, May 9, 2018.) COUNCIL BLUFFS – For Rosharra Owens, learning to build websites was part of rebuilding her life after a series of unfortunate events left her living in a homeless shelter, and feeling stuck. “It was crazy. I don’t know how I’ve been able to doContinue Reading

Breaking down barriers for women in tech

  Naomi See is committed to helping and supporting women in tech, mainly because of all the messages she got along the way saying tech was a path she couldn’t or shouldn’t pursue. Naomi is a software analyst at West Corporation, where she has worked on everything from interactive voice recording software to automating internalContinue Reading

Graduate Success Story: Melissa-Ann Dailey

Melissa Ann-Dailey took the Interface Foundations of Web Development course in 2015, and is now a user experience graphic web designer at Oriental Trading Company. She is responsible for daily content design and maintenance of multiple websites. “I spend about a third of my day updating content on the site,” she says. “The other portionContinue Reading

Interface grad animates videos with custom code

OMAHA, NE — Erica Johnson’s passion for video began at age 14, when her father became a pastor, and needed her help building his ministry. “My brother, sister and I all got separate sections, and I got media,” she remembers. Her assignments included setting up microphones, running cameras and mixing audio levels during church services.Continue Reading

Top four desired traits of a career in tech

The list of reasons why someone may want to pursue a career in tech is sure to be long and varied. However, based on a recent Interface graduate poll, there are a universal wants and needs. Results follow. 1. Flexibility as a working parent Forbes listed IT as one of the top 10 flexible jobContinue Reading

Graduate combines her loves into a new career with the help of AIM Interface

Kelly Stark was working as a special education paraprofessional before coming to Interface School. She already had a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree and had been working in the human services industry for over 10 years, but felt like she was ready for a change. “I’d discovered Codecademy and fell in love with coding,”Continue Reading

AIM Interface School Grad Melissa Buffalohead Starts Web Development Company

Melissa Buffalohead was noticing a problematic pattern in her career path. Essentially, she realized that she was getting bored at her corporate jobs. “I would learn everything quickly, then it would just get monotonous and I would lose interest and drive,” recalled Buffalohead. “I’ve always worked for big companies and felt very restricted and invaluable.Continue Reading

How a Single Mom of 3 Made a Career in Web Development

“I liked that I went from zero knowledge to being able to create a complete website from scratch.” -Miranda Tharp Miranda Tharp was frustrated with working customer service jobs. She had held positions from student loans to insurance and felt stuck in a cycle of customer service roles. Wanting to make a better life forContinue Reading

How David Dugger Went From Homeless to Project Manager

“In a total of about 16 months, I went from homeless, jobless, with just $70 to my name (and $50,000 in debt) to Web Development Project Manager at a multimillion dollar company here in Omaha.” – David Dugger 14 months before he applied to Interface, David Dugger was homeless, jobless, and down to his last $70.Continue Reading

How Jonathan Starkey Built a New Career at 43

“It’s been a great journey. I’m thankful for Interface Web School, and I love my new job. It’s been a life changer.” – Jonathan Starkey By Jonathan Starkey My name is Jonathan Starkey. I’m 43 years old. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Katja for 10 years. I’m a father to 3 amazing children,Continue Reading

How Jen Jost Found Control Over Her Time as a Freelance Developer

“For those who enjoy coding, Interface is definitely worth it. The teaching is excellent, and there are course mentors and career coaches to help along the way.” – Jen Jost After spending 14 years working in higher education, Jen Jost was ready for a change. She needed much more control over her own schedule. She choseContinue Reading

How Russell Stinson Turned a Class Project into a Paid Internship

“I learned so much in my Interface class that I think will be valuable knowledge to have no matter where my career takes me.” – Russell Stinson Russell Stinson felt stuck. He was pursuing a math degree, with plans to get his doctorate and become a math professor. But midway through his degree, he realizedContinue Reading

Bianca Zongrone’s Journey to Becoming a Senior UX/UI Designer

“I have never been more grateful for the opportunities that I was afforded because I took a class at Interface.” – Bianca Zongrone Bianca Zongrone has had quite the professional journey. From a diverse background in business, management, and human resources, she has used her coding education to land various roles that bring all of herContinue Reading

How Interface Helped Melanie Krohn Work Smarter

“The instructors and employees of Interface are some of the most passionate people in the tech community that you will ever meet. They truly believe in sharing their knowledge and making sure you learn – and they are constantly obtaining feedback from their students in order to create the best experience possible for their classes.” -MelanieContinue Reading

From Sales Consulting to Web Development, Meet Juan Aguero

“I would definitely recommend Interface to others. Our instructor and mentors were always willing to help. Everybody at Interface would go out of their way to answer your questions without hesitation.” -Juan Aguero Juan Aguero has worked in retail sales and customer service for four years, but he has always been intrigued by technology and webContinue Reading

Combining a Passion for Communication and Tech

by Katrina Markel After 11 years working for a group insurance company in Omaha, Amber Knecht decided it was time to follow her passions. She said while she was procrastinating on her “real work” she would spend time thinking about online media. “I became obsessed with social media and web development as a way toContinue Reading

From Aerospace Engineer to Web Developer, Meet Christine Woodruff

“Ultimately, I think one of the most important things I got out of this course was the confidence to try.” – Christine Woodruff I spent 12 years working as an Aerospace Engineer.  While some may think that position sounds glamorous, it just never felt like the right fit for me; I felt uninspired and readyContinue Reading

From Welder to Web Developer

It’s not everyday that you meet a web developer who knows how to weld, but that’s exactly the case with Will Landolt. “I really like creating things from scratch,” said Will, A 2009 graduate of Roncalli High School. He explained that welders use blueprints and have to figure out how to construct a project. It’sContinue Reading

First National Marketing Manager Becomes a Programmer

“Evolving technology can be disruptive to business and it is critical for employees to update their skills.” – Josh McNeal After 13 years with First National Bank Josh McNeal was ready for a career change. He didn’t want to leave the bank because as he put it, First National treats its employees well. “I was lookingContinue Reading

Stay-At-Home Mom Reboots Career in Tech with Interface

by Katrina Markel “Interface gave me a chance to prove that I’ve still got it.” – Danisha H. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home, Danisha had ten years of experience as a technical writer at big-name companies, but despite being a seasoned pro who kept up with industry developments, Danisha still needed a way to jumpstart her career. “I’veContinue Reading

First National and Interface Web School Partner to Meet the Growing Need for Tech Talent

by Katrina Markel Thanks to a partnership between First National Bank and Interface Web School, Courtney Rudnicki was able to launch an entirely new career without switching companies. Courtney’s new title at First National Bank is Analyst II, Requirements and Design. She says the role is also known as Business Analyst for the Customer Experience SolutionsContinue Reading

Jason Hinze Expands His Omaha Tech Career With Front-End Web Development Course

“Put in the work and you’ll do well.” Interface alumnus, Jason Hinze spent more than a decade building WordPress sites as a freelancer and teaching technology to middle and high school students. He was ready for a career change, but as mid-career professional with a wife and two children, Jason needed a training program thatContinue Reading

Naomi See, Alumnus and Course Experience Manager, Starts New Gig with West Interactive

  “I just think you get out of it what you want to get out of it. There’s so much opportunity that you can obtain by being involved,” –  Naomi See, graduate of Interface: The Web School   Naomi is an alumnus of the Full Stack Java Developer course and works as our Course Experience Manager. This week sheContinue Reading

Congrats to Interface grad and new UX Web Design Intern – Melissa-Ann Dailey!

Congratulations to Front-End Developer Course graduate, Melissa-Ann Dailey for landing a new position as a UX Web Design Intern at Oriental Trading Company! In Melissa-Ann’s Words: “Interface gave me the opportunity to continue my education while maintaining a full-time job. Because of the Front-End Web Development class I am now able to make a careerContinue Reading

Congrats to Interface grad and new Phenomblue Sr. Project Manager, Tina Helms!

Congratulations to Interface grad and former marketing manager, Tina Helms for landing a new position as a Senior Project Manager with Phenomblue, a connected communications firm delivering business strategy that solves problems, while executing high-level creative solutions that deliver results.  In her new role, Tina creates execution plans and manages the execution of work within the scope and resourcesContinue Reading