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Interface Coding Journey – 7 Weeks In

CLASS HAPPENINGS It’s shocking we’re already done with week 7. (How did that happen?!) Now that we’re over half way through the course, it’s amazing to look back at how much we’ve covered. And it’s equally amazing (i.e. somewhat intimidating) to look ahead at the next five weeks and measure up what I hope to stillContinue Reading

Web Basics: Lessons from the Inaugural Session

Hello. My name is Seth. I am Chief of Operations at Elevate and one of the Co-Founders of Interface: The Web School. I am also a student of the Interface program and I wanted to share with you the recent experience I had in the Web Basics course. What follows are the challenges, compromises, strategies,Continue Reading

What our students are saying

We are entering our sixth week of classes and have several sets of feedback from students – I’d like to share a few. I’ve included steps we’ve taken to improve our courses and workshops to ensure we continue to deliver high value content. Thank you to our students for their openness. What our students like…Continue Reading