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Learn how you can build your own website from scratch in two weeks! Come to our open house March 1st!

learn-to-codeAre you ready to hit the refresh button in your career? Are you interested in the booming tech industry and enticed by its opportunities? Dip your toe in the pool and come to our open house!

If you’re worried that Read the rest

My beautiful mind – Week 5 Java blog

by Keisha Holloway


“If you’re able to find in every situation in your life the bad aspects and the good aspects, then you will be able to break through all your fears and follow the guidance of your heart. Focus

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4th Dimensional Thinking & the Mind Palace – Week 1 Java Blog

The following post is from Spring 2016 Java Developer Course student, Kevin. Stay tuned for more blog posts regarding his experience in the course. Thank you Kevin for taking time to share your experience with us.

The Six Stages of

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Interface welcomes Bianca Zongrone as new Course Experience Manager!

We are excited to welcome Interface Front-End Developer Course grad, Bianca Zongrone to the team of Course Experience Managers!

Bianca is Fall 2015 Interface Front-End Web Development graduate and a UX Designer at KOVUS in Omaha. Before moving to the … Read the rest

Land Your Dream Job in 2K16!

Have you ever found yourself dreaming about the best job ever? I mean, really dreaming about the desk, the location, duties, and the people? Oh and don’t forget the pay! We all have at some point in our careers, however, … Read the rest

Farewell, Interface.

I’m Jackson Booth – former Operations Intern for Interface: The Web School.

Prior to working with Interface beginning in January 2015, I had little working knowledge of the web development industry. After completing two internships at The IMG_3395 (1)White House and … Read the rest

Interface Coding Journey – 7 Weeks In


It’s shocking we’re already done with week 7. (How did that happen?!) Now that we’re over half way through the course, it’s amazing to look back at how much we’ve covered. And it’s equally amazing (i.e. somewhat intimidating) … Read the rest

Interface Coding Journey – Week 3

If you’ve ever tried to follow along with a Bob Ross video in real time you’ve got some insight as to what it feels like to learn to code. Despite having the right tools at your disposal and a keen … Read the rest

Class Notes – PHP, MySQL & WordPress

Coding boot camps started popping up on both coasts around 2011. I’ve always been intrigued yet it never seemed like the right time. When I moved from Los Angeles back to my hometown of Omaha in 2014 I was more … Read the rest

Welcome New Course Experience Manager – Naomi See

We are excited to introduce a brand new Interface position: Course Experience Manager (CEM).

Our CEMs are similar to student advisors. Interface CEMs work closely with instructors to facilitate student performance evaluations and also meet one on one with … Read the rest

So you think you want to learn to code websites?

It’s no secret the tech industry is booming. There’s serious money to be made and fun to be had working for some of your favorite digital companies like Google, Facebook, and companies others right here in Nebraska like Flywheel, MacPractice, … Read the rest

So you think you can (or can’t!) code? Come to our open house August 3rd!

It’s no secret the tech industry is booming. There’s serious money to be made and fun to be had working for some of your favorite digital companies like Google, Facebook, and companies others right here in Nebraska like Flywheel, Hudl, … Read the rest

We are excited to welcome new .NET & SharePoint partner, Sadia Shoiab

sadiaInterface: The Web School is excited to welcome new Interface partner, Sadia Shoiab! In partnership with Interface, Sadia will be leading courses on .NET, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, SQL and more.  Sadia has over 10 years of experience working … Read the rest

Interface grad combines graphic design and new coding skills to land a great startup gig

“After graduating from Interface Web School I was hired as a creative associate at a small startup called Onpxl​. I believed Interface Web School helped prepare me for this job because they were specifically looking for a graphic designer with … Read the rest

Interface Alumnus, Aaron Onken Hired by Flywheel

by Katrina Markel

Aaron Onken is a recent graduate of our 10-week, web development program and we are excited to announce it took him very little time to land a plum job. After completing our fall Ruby on Rails program

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New Flywheel Sponsored WordPress Course!


flywheel_logoDuring the Flywheel sponsored PHP, MySQL and WordPress course, participants will learn the skills required to start careers in WordPress development. The Flywheel team will participate in candidate selection for the course and all students selected to join … Read the rest

5 Reasons to apply for the Front-End Development and Design Implementation Course

Learn valuable skills + keep your day job

Apply for our Summer 2015 Front-End Development + Design Implementation Course to learn how to design and build beautiful, interactive websites.

shutterstock_242213500During this course, you will learn how to build beautiful interactive … Read the rest

Write, Read, Revise, Rinse?, Repeat.

By: Steven Taylor

Writing code is an adventure in babysitting, you must watch your code, you must protect your code, you must feed your code Tostino’s Pizza rolls and park it in-front of the TV so it will hopefully behave … Read the rest

What’s Next? Interface Web School – A Year in Review

We are thrilled by the success we and our graduates have experienced in our inaugural year at Interface Web School and excited by the passion and support we’ve felt from the business, technology and non-profit communities.  This year we’ve seen … Read the rest

A Letter to Fall 2014 Interface Students

image (2)Interface Students of Fall 2014,

I wanted to congratulate you all on what you have just accomplished. Although I could only stay for a few presentations, I was thoroughly impressed with what you have created. Being a student in IT, … Read the rest

Design + Code: Digital PB + J


It’s always a good idea to enhance your skill set, whether you’re a designer, developer, content strategist, marketing manager, or anything really.

On the other hand, the danger in taking on too many things is the risk of becoming a … Read the rest

Student Story: Learner + Dodge-Ball Fanatic: Brett Davis

We would like to introduce you to one of our students, Brett Davis. Brett is participating in the 10 week web developer training program hosted by First National Bank.

Why did you join Interface School?

“I joined Interface to … Read the rest