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AIM Interface School: Highlander teaches students real-world tech skills

Interface Web School is proud to partner with Seventy Five North to offer AIM Interface School: Highlander, a part-time, 10-week course focused on teaching the skills needed to build interactive websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and an introduction to WordPress platforms.

The course runs from February 20 to March 24, and is offered at no cost to eligible participants.

Students selected to participate in this course will receive stipends totaling $500 paid out in 3 increments during the course.

They will also be provided with a laptop at no cost that is theirs to keep after the course.

Members of the AIM Institute and Heartland Workforce Solutions teams will also work with candidates upon completion of training to connect them with employers for open positions related to the training provided during this course.

We sat down with Highlander instructor Lana Yager to talk about her own experiences transitioning into a tech career and how Highlander is helping others to advance their own careers

IF: You retired from teaching tech classes at OPS, so what made you decide to come back to AIM and work with Interface and Highlander?

LY: I believe in AIM’s mission and wasn’t ready to quit teaching altogether. I get to do what I really enjoy here. I work with great people, help people learn new skills that can provide great opportunities, I will get to develop curriculum that I’ve had in my mind to build for some time and I’ll even get to learn and play!

IF: What web development skills will Highlander students be learning?

LY: They’ll learn the basics of HTML and CSS and some Javascript. They’ll learn ‘best practices’ that professional web developers use and employers value. They’ll learn how to problem solve and find answers on their own, they’ll even be able to use their own creativity to design a website about something they care about.

IF: How does taking pride in your career change your outlook on other areas of life?

LY: The work you do in your career actually has your ‘stamp’ on it! It represents you and if you do quality work, it reflects well of you. Developing a skill and working to perfect it helps give you a sense of pride and confidence. It may be very challenging at the start and when you are so new, you feel you have little to contribute. But remember, everyone was once a beginner at what they do; even the top pros. Just stay working at it. Be willing to learn and have an open mind to take on new challenges and risk a few stumbles along the way. What I love about this class is this is giving people a chance at a new beginning. I can’t wait to see the excitement of these new students when they realize they can really do this.

IF: You completed your tech education as an adult with two children. What words of encouragement do you have for those who may be “non-traditional” students considering Highlander?

LY: Go for it! I returned to college with expectations that I wouldn’t be able to earn more than a D in my classes. I just needed skills to get a more rewarding job. I had teachers and advisors who helped me learn how to study and I made commitments to goals and a detailed plan and timeline to help me reach each one. I networked with good people, gave it all I had, and it paid off very well. If I could do it, anyone can. Just be willing to work hard, try and fail sometimes, but always get back up! Most of all, surround yourself with people who believe in you and will encourage you. Come take my class, I can’t wait to meet you!

Visit to learn more about AIM Interface School: Highlander. Start your application today! Classes begin February 20, 2018.