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AIM Code School Tuition Reimbursement Opportunity

Tuition Reimbursement Program Overview

The AIM Code School Tuition Reimbursement Program is an excellent and low risk approach for partner firms to hire talented AIM Code School graduates.

How it works
Submit a request to begin the process to listed as a partner firm. Once accepted, partner firms will receive student resumes for courses they are interested in (spring 2015 features .NET, Java and a Front-End Hybrid Web Design and Development course).

Representatives from partner firms will have opportunities to visit with students during scheduled one on one sessions and will receive information on course progress following regularly scheduled performance reviews. Upon conclusion of the course, students who are offered and accept positions with partner firms will receive a portion of their paid tuition in the form of a reimbursement from the partner firm. The tuition reimbursement amount will be agreed upon by the partner firm and AIM Code School.

As a partner firm, there is no obligation to hire AIM Code School graduates.

Graduate Reimbursement Repayment Schedule
Tuition reimbursement recipients will be subject to a 1 year repayment schedule following voluntary or involuntary termination from our partner firms. A sample repayment schedule based on a $2,500 tuition reimbursement follows:

Partner Firm Exit Date     Student Repayment Amount
0-89 days after hire                  $2,500
90-179 days after hire              $2,000
180-239 days after hire           $1,000
240-364 days after hire           $500

Employer Benefits

  • Screen talented junior developers for roles within your firm before others (1st 2015 class graduates in May 2015).
  • Lower the cost of onboarding new talent.
  • Support Midwest talent development and retention efforts.

Interested? Click here to submit a short interest form – we will follow up with you in 1-2 business days with more information.

Please send a note to Shonna Dorsey for more information.