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Student Stories

In 11 short weeks, graphic designer develops skills and confidence in WordPress Development

  Hi! I’m Josh Collinsworth, and I recently completed the Interface + Flywheel WordPress, PHP and MySQL Course. My background is in graphic design, and truthfully, I was initially reluctant to get into web design or development. Coding was never something I wanted to do per se; it was just something that, as a graphic designer,Continue Reading

Interface Blog

Welcome New Course Experience Manager – Naomi See

We are excited to introduce a brand new Interface position: Course Experience Manager (CEM). Our CEMs are similar to student advisors. Interface CEMs work closely with instructors to facilitate student performance evaluations and also meet one on one with students at regular intervals to discuss course progress. CEMs recommend placement opportunities, make recommendations/requests for mentors on behalf of students, provide information to students on upcomingContinue Reading

Who We Are

Interface is building people who build the web. Our goal is twofold: Build people’s knowledge and skills for the web and increase the supply of technology talent for startups, small businesses, and corporations in the Midwest.

The business landscape is changing rapidly because of web technologies which has created a unique job market for both job seekers and employers. People with web skills can maintain their competitive edge in today’s job market.

Interface is both a platform for learning and a platform for teaching. We understand that first and foremost it takes talented people to build talented people. Perpetuating this cycle of teaching and learning is powerful and benefits individuals and communities.

Interface provides practical training to meet the demands of job seekers and employers in today’s job market. We offer students an immersive learning program lead by industry experts and a professional network that connects students and businesses throughout the Midwest.

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