Daily operations for AIM Code School are managed by a talented and tight-knit team of professionals who are passionate about doing their part to add new talent to the tech pipeline.

Krystal Rider
Director of AIM Code School

Krystal Rider joins us as the Director of AIM Code School. Krystal is an innovator who has a passion for the community. Krystal strives to help bridge the gap for those who need technical skills to be competitive in their career as well as those career changers. Most recently Krystal led a group of stakeholders to achieve a “Work Ready” designation for Douglas County, Nebraska during her tenure at the Greater Omaha Workforce Development Board. Krystal graduated from the AIM IT Emerging Leaders Academy in December of 2018. Krystal is excited to connect people to opportunities and help them excel in their idea career in the IT sector.


AIM Code School’s instructors are carefully selected experts in their field that share a passion for education as adjunct faculty.

Karen Denholm
Web Development

Karen Denholm didn’t set out to be a programmer/developer. It was a series of events that brought her to the career path that would be her calling. Beginning with mainframe programming in the early 90s and moving on to PC development and, later, web development, Karen has had many opportunities to hone and expand her problem-solving skills. Anyone who knows her knows she has a passion for animals as much as finding solutions to help ease the day-to-day activities people often find tedious. Of course, she has done work in that intersection where her passions lie and done web development for pet rescues. Her career has been most successful when searching for and fulfilling a need in niche markets.

Joel C. Rainear-Wills
Application Development

Joel C. Rainear-Wills arrived in Omaha 11 years ago as an Airborne Cryptologic Operator for the USAF. In 2009, he separated and decided to attend UNO, where he completed a bachelor's degree in General Administration. After graduation, he became a mutual fund accountant for North Star Financial Services. It was there that he discovered his love for software development, which grew out of a desire to create modest solutions for mitigating inefficiency and error in daily accounting processes. Joel then earned an associate's degree in MIS from Metropolitan Community College, and landed a position at Farm Credit Services of America as an application developer. Joel strongly believes that those achieving some form success in anything must find and seize the opportunity to help others achieve success as well.